5 ways to stay motivated to write and finish your project



When I did the informal survey recently of the one thing that you are struggling with, it all came back to “staying motivated.”  It’s one of those things that writers can’t avoid, but what works for one writer may not work with another.  It has to resonate with you, cause that inner resolve to kick in.  I listed the five that I use, and so far they’ve worked.  And, to tell you the truth, one way may work one day, and not another, so feel free to mix them up.

Send me what works for you and I’ll share it in a later blog.


Okay, here goes:

The 5 best ways to stay motivated in your writing:     

  1. Remember the satisfaction you feel when you call yourself a writer.  Everyone in the middle of a project is a writer, and everyone who is contemplating a writing project is one as well:  they just don’t have the story completely down on paper.
  2. Remember that this writing project is not forever, and the sooner you get the first draft done, the faster the project will move along.  You will be able to return to your favorite TV shows before you know it, or whatever it is you do in your spare time.  (DVR your favorite shows and hold them as a treat for when you’ve done a few days of continuous writing.)  Treat yourself in other ways:  a Dunkin’ Donuts break, go read your favorite book, or play on the computer.
  3. Design and create a book cover for $5 from Fiverr.com.  You don’t have to even have a cover in mind, just give them the title, your author name, and the gist of your story, and let them design a cover.  Most of these artists are extremely talented, and this book cover can sit by your computer, ready to motivate you when you need it.  (I will create a blog on how to go about doing this.)
  4. Every week and every month that you let your project sit increases the chances that you will never get to it, or that you may actually leave this world without having done it.  As Dr. Wayne Dyer put it, “don’t die with your music still in you.”  Use this time on the planet to make your mark, get your story out, share your wisdom.
  5. I like positive affirmations and put them around my writing station:  one says “I will write my novel and have it completed by the end of 2016.”  And, then I take the New York Times bestseller list, white out the number 1 title, and then neatly print my book title at the top.  Look at it every day as a reminder that your book is just as deserving to be on that list.

I’m planning to host more writing workshops at BumbleFly this spring. I’d love to know if you’re interested, and if weeknights or weekends are preferable.

Be well, and stay warm,


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