MJ’s story

Brooklyn born, MJ now lives in the Hudson Valley, though she dearly misses the subway. She’s been writing professionally (translation: getting paid) since the early 1990’s. Her writing career took off after her first daughter was born, and she felt the push to start a writing career. While living on Long Island in the 1990’s, she regularly read Long Island’s Newsday and noticed that the articles were written by freelancers. “Hmmm,” she thought, “I can do that,” and wrote to the editor with a story suggestion; he gave her a “try out.” She wrote for Newsday on a monthly basis for the next ten years.

Now in the Hudson Valley, she began writing regularly for the Times Herald-Record on all sorts of subjects: real estate, medical, travel, and local tourism. Her work as also appeared in Hudson Valley Magazine, Orange Magazine, AAA’s Car & Travel Magazine, and other local publications. MJ is also a regular contributor to www.womanaroundtown.com, a New York City-based, and NY Press Award-winning website. One of the highlights of her writing career was reviewing, The Ride, a New York City tourist attraction. A quote from that review is now on a place mat in a Times Square-area McDonald’s.

MJ’s self-published a novel in 2007 called The Bench was a “learning experience like no other.” She regularly attends the Book Expo America at the Jacob Javits Center, calling it “my Super Bowl…my highlight of the year.”

She recently left her position as editor of Hudson Valley Parent magazine to return to full time writing, and this crusade.

She and her family live in the Hudson Valley home with an adorable, though spunky, miniature schnauzer named Tuscany.

Her second book, the advice/how-to “How writing can get you through tough times, and joyous ones: no experience necessary” is expected in early 2013.

Write to MJ at mjwrites1@gmail.com.