Coming this Spring! MJ’s book on journaling!

balboaWhen you spend Christmas Eve working on the dull loose ends of a book, you know that you’re committed. And, over the past two years, it has been uppermost on my mind to do. It’s one of those things that I thought, I don’t want to go to my grave without getting this done.

Even if it helps one person, it’d be magical.

The manuscript is into my printer, Balboa Press, a division of Hay House. But what’s absolutely thrilling is that it has been chosen as one of the featured new books at the Hay House world event in Baltimore this coming June.


Lots more will be announced about the book in the coming weeks, but I wanted to make sure to make the first announcement of this on my website. It’s been a long time coming (but at two years, not really). I plan to have local book signings, book discounts on my facebook page, workshops, and just lots of fun….I am going to take this ride as long as it lasts.

If you know someone who is struggling with something, and want to be their bestest friend, let them know about this book and the beautiful simplicity that is journalling.

P.S. My book has nothing to do with Brad Pitt, but he’s just nice to look at!

I’ve gotten to 101, and boy does my neck hurt!

So, last night I put my nose to the grindstone as they say and opened up my document to the book I’m writing: 101 PR Tips and Secrets eBook. I was at tip number 76. I had 25 more to go. Lighting my incense, putting on my Yanni music, I went to work. I got up once from the computer to stretch and walk my dog, but went right back to work. That’s what it comes to when you want to do something. You can say over and over how you want to accomplish something, and it can stay in your head like a wonderful dream, but there comes a time when you just have to put in the grunt work. And this was my time. By 9pm (two hours later), I had typed number 101. It was a beautiful moment, very satisfying, and I allowed myself to go and eat dinner.

What was even more satisfying was that one of my tips proved to be a success! I forget what number, but the tip is to “think out of the box.” In this case, if you have a great story and one avenue of publicity isn’t working, it’s time to move on to another. I had this great story about a local youth in my town who had battled depression, and this past summer he rode his bike across country, and back again to raise awareness that depression doesn’t have to define him. It was a personal journey, one that, I’m sure, tested his perseverance and mental toughness. I knew the family, and had permission to write up the story, get quotes from the rider, and sent it off to two local editors.

I never heard from either one. One was the editor of my local paper who I thought would jump on this inspirational local story, and the other editor worked the sports pages of the larger paper in my town. He expressed his thanks for sending, but still, nothing appeared. I knew it was well-written, had all the relevant facts, included quotes from the rider, and a tagline for those wanting more information about depression. I was not giving up; this was a great story.

I thought it over…who else could I send it to? And then it came to me that this was also a story about health, and thinking positively, and all that. So I sent the story to the editor of the health section of the area newspaper, who gobbled up the story immediately. It ran in today’s Times Herald-Record. Now, just to be fair to the editors who didn’t run the story, maybe they had plenty that they’d already committed to, maybe it wasn’t the season to talk about bike riding now that football season was in the air. PR people may never know why a story didn’t run, but we must continue to send stories to editors we believe will like our story. But, in this case, I went the next step, and I didn’t give up. If you have a great story, don’t give up on it.