Help with Memoir Writing

Have you got a great life story to share?  Or would like to publish a book to use as a business tool?  Or do you have wisdom to share that you want to see written down for the ages?  I feel that this is my purpose: a conduit between the storyteller and the finished book.  I’ve even coined a new phrase, “a book whisperer.”

Everyone, and I mean everyone, has great stories to share.  Whether about where they grew up, and how the lived in their youth, or what it was like to live through a major world event, or have wisdom to share from the work they’ve done.

My process is to work with the client however way makes them comfortable.  Whether taking notes while they speak, or taking their handwritten notes and putting everything into order, making sure to keep the client’s voice throughout, it’s a process that is worked out between us.

Clients have the option of having the book created for family only, or for publication via self-publishing.  If the client wants to pursue traditional big-city publishing (Simon & Schuster, and the like) I can assist and advise.





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