I’ve been remiss, but I’m still here.

I have never left joyfulwriting.com, although I’ve been on the quiet side. I’ve been just writing a lot of stories for other publications, and when I get home from interviewing, or researching, I then have to write the stories. When it comes to my own writing, it takes a back seat. Or, I’m just out of words, and can’t think of a sentence worthy of a blog. But, I’ve still been working behind the curtain, so to speak, on my printed, soon-to-be-published book, “How writing can get you through tough times: no experience necessary.” blog post

The one stumbling block has been figuring out how it will get published, i.e., self-published, find a print on demand guy, continue to search for a publisher, figuring out how much $$$ I can put into it, and on and on. Do I go with CreateSpace, or AuthorHouse, or make the hard copy version? It’s enough to just make you stand still and just put your index finger to your lips and wave it up and down like a cartoon character, or Lewis Black. Take your pick. authorhouse

But, all along I’ve been encouraged by the folks who have used writing as therapy, for whatever ailed them at the time. A health crisis, a sick relative, bad memories, addictions, stress, what have you. And, this one big boost has me all tingly.

I’d signed up to take the Deepak Chopra 21 day meditation challenge where every morning a cheery note from him and Oprah comes into my email. First, Oprah introduces us to the meditation for the day, and then Deepak takes us through a wonderful 15 minute meditation that never fails to release stress and get me ready for the day. deepak

On the website page where you click “play” for the meditation, there is a column for comments, and they are activated by your facebook account. There are thousands of comments on this thing. So, I log in and write a message: If anyone uses journalling as a way to help them through a life challenge, write me,” and I listed my email. And, every day, I’ve had one or two emails. One more thing: I wrote to two online journal websites, the kind that promotes writing in a journal, and I asked the founder to put the same query to their membership. Lo and behold, another bunch of emails coming in, all proving to me that my book is something that is generating a spark in people, and that despite my other writing, and my mind’s weariness, I have a mission to get this project completed.

Please be patient!

Have a great day.

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