The Book Whisperer

That’s my new name. 

imagesRobert Redford helped horses find their inner horse, and I will help humans find their inner writer.   Everyone has a book in them, whether they have a hobby to share; an engaging memoir; a great story about how their parents met; or what they or their dad, aunt, or uncle did in the war.  And, the time has never been riper for reading, believe it or not.  While we may not be holding a real live book in our hands as much (let’s bow our heads for a moment of silence), we are reading more than ever before, on tablets, phones, laptops, whatever.  Books are more and more in demand.  I say, Don’t take your great story to the grave.  Or as Dr. Wayne Dyer says it, Don’t die with your music still inside you.  (Sorry for all the references to death, but it is Halloween as I write this.)

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So, you’re asking, Why are you telling us?  I do this because it makes me commit to the world, it also lets you guys start thinking about the book that is inside you.  Right now, I am working with three authors: one has a great story about living in Scotland at the beginning of WWII, another has a series of business books on becoming a successful entrepreneur, and the third has a memoir about her crazy youth.  My duties are to use all of my writing and book publishing experience to move their projects along via emails, or face to face meetings.  I’m ready to make my knowledge and experience available to a larger audience. 

About a year ago, I worked with a wonderful therapist from New Jersey who had a collection of self-help tools, advice and wisdom to share.  She didn’t really know where to start.  We connected, and over the course of four or five months, we worked together in her Franklin Lakes office, and last summer she released, Born Perfect, the book that is now helping countless people in her community, but also around the globe. What a legacy. 

So, with that said, I will be announcing a Get Your Book Done Now, Already! series.  It will be a collection of webinars and live events in and around the south Orange County. 

I think that 2015 will be a banner year for books.  I hope yours is one of them.


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