On the book tour!

I enjoyed a visit to Ye Olde Book Shoppe in Ye Olde Warwick, NY the other night.   Owner, Tom had generously purchased a few books which I signed for future sales, and enjoyed a chat with the Warwick Valley Dispatch reporter, Lon Tytell who came to do a write up.  The book store not only has one of the best spots on Main Street (right at the corner of a busy shopping district), but also have a warm and cozy feeling inside.  Book shelves are conveniently on wheels for easy manuevering for events, and like magic, folding chairs appear, and the audience can total 15-20 easily.  There is a platform for the author, adjacent to the front window, which kind of makes one feel like they are on display, like Macy’s Christmas windows, but hey, to promote a new book, that works for me.

The night was a success in my eyes despite the fact that no one came.  Let me hear just one “Aw,” and get it out of your system.  It was, nonetheless, a wonderful night to rehearse in my head my little talk, prepare door prize slips, and a sheet to collect emails.  I mean, it could have been SRO, or it could’ve been NAW (no attendance whatsoever).  I got to enjoy the book store ambiance and have a great chat with Lon who interviewed me for his story that will still run.  I did a bit of shopping, looked at other local author books, and by the time I was ready to pack it up, my alloted time was coming to an end.

mj with Lon from Warwick Valley Dispatch


I took the opportunity to have my photo taken with Lon, the reporter, and make a date to come back to the book store once my appearance on Radio Station WTBQ is rescheduled.

Anytime I get to sit in a book store, chat with a fellow journalist, get our photos together, and people watch, is still a great night in my book.


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