Find the joy in your writing…

I’ve been writing a lot of years, since the early 1990’s.  I’ve written a novel, a self-help book, and self-published them, too.  I’ve written essays, articles for newspapers, for magazines, press releases, photo captions, blogs, website copy, enewsletters, most everything under the sun.

Now, I want to help others write:  maybe a book, a college essay, a college application essay, a press release, letters that get attention, whatever.  The list goes on.

I’ve experienced the joy of writing, and want to pass on what I’ve learned, the tactics I use, the rules I ignore, so that my client can experience that joy.

Unfortunately, we believe we can’t write, we can’t draw, we can’t sing.  We are so full of can’ts.

I say that you can.  Plain and simple.









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