MJ helped me write two books on starting and running small businesses. She was great. I tend to be to left brain and she is fantastic at bringing writers down to earth. Specifically, she is great at helping writers be understandable, checks grammar and spelling, and writes my thoughts in a more interesting way. She also understands that she needs to edit with the writer’s interests as a first priority rather than the larger companies that simply implement programmed solutions. She also pushes writers like myself to fix problems or unclear sections. For example, I tend to get long, and divert from topics. She does a great job keeping writers on track and eliminating unnecessary information.

Dr. Bert Shlensky

Business Consultant, owner of StartUpConnection.net

My lady, Roanne, had wonderful stories to share, and when she received the news that she had stage 4 pancreatic cancer, she called upon MJ to help write her memoir.  MJ didn’t blink an eye and for 5 months, would come regularly to sit with Roanne.  MJ asked questions, made sure that Roanne covered the topics she wanted included.  Most of all, it was a great relief to Roanne during those very trying times that her family would have this keepsake.  And, I know that Roanne greatly enjoyed the time spent with MJ reminiscing about her life, and sharing her advice for those left behind…and who will cherish Roanne’s words for years to come.  Thank you, MJ.”

Joey Brideau, Brooklyn, NY

I met MJ via an ad I placed looking for a writer to help me write a self-help book. We met in my office and after we spoke, I knew that MJ would be the one who could translate my thinking into easy to follow instructions.  ‘Born Perfect’ is about using some of the successful exercises I’ve used with my clients to ease stress and anxiety and to help them work through negative habits and thoughts.  We sat in my office over iced coffees for many months as I spoke aloud, just as if I was in one of my counselling sessions while MJ typed along on her laptop.  She kept my voice throughout as she tweaked my words just a bit just for clarity.  Plus, I enjoyed MJ’s take on the exercises, and occasionally she pointed out when something didn’t make sense. If she had a question about it, so would my readers. The book has been of great help to those who looking for handy self-help tools they can easily put into place. I am forever grateful to you, MJ. It would not be a real book without you! Thank you for bringing my dreams to reality.”

Cheryl Grogin, LCSW

New Jersey

MJ came highly recommended by a friend who had used her services to revise and edit a self-help book she wrote.  I employed MJ’s services and we worked via email to revise and publish my book, 11 Simply Brilliant Ideas for a Life of Love, Joy and Abundance.  I had a great idea for my book, but MJ pushed me to develop my thoughts with details and explanations. MJ helped me organize the chapters, and made suggestions that had me digging deeper into my own personal experiences, which made the book all the more personal. I giggle when people say, “Your book is so well-written.”  They have no idea how much work it took to get it to a finished product.  With MJ’s meticulous expertise, my dream has come true.  The book is self-published, well-received, and I speak at author events.  It was a thrilling experience to see my book in hand, and I thank MJ for her help and guidance.”

Georgette Van Vliet

Author, Love, Joy and Abundance

I am the managing editor of The Photo News, a weekly newspaper in southern Orange County, NY which covers local and community news in the towns of Monroe, Woodbury and Tuxedo.

I have known MJ Goff for more than a half dozen years as a freelance contributor for The Photo News and as a writer who supplies press releases and photos from a variety of community organizations, ranging from Girl Scouts, a municipal recreational group and church and school groups to a foundation created to help people and their families when illness and disease strikes.

My comments speak largely about MJ as a reporter and writer for newspapers.

Her writing style is clear, clean and to the point. She knows when to get out of the way of a person’s story and when it needs a hand in the telling. She is able to write about emotional issues without being maudlin or overreaching to make the point. She understands that a writer must show through details, not simply tell the reader the facts.

She brings other elements to her writing that I find important:
You can tell she listens to the people she’s interviewing because of the quality of the quotes or paraphrases. There are complete thoughts; not simply sound bites.
The leads to the second element about her writing: She simply does not parrot what someone says; more times that not she shows what the speaker means by those words.

I hope this is helpful.
I can be reached at editor.pn@strausnews.com and by telephone at 845-469-9000 ext. 307.

Be well.

Bob Quinn

With a clear and honest voice, MJ Hanley-Goff writes the stories of our lives. Since profiling “Houses of the Week” for me at the Times Herald-Record, she has worked on several blogs, and written stories on everything from getting up-close-and-personal with wild animals in Africa, to interviewing Diane Keaton. From chronicling her adventures on raising a puppy, to describing the healing waters of the World Trade Center Memorial and the insights of the Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival, MJ covers it all. She is nothing short of fearless. And now in her new blog “Joyful Writing,” she tackles the therapeutic power of writing and the joy it brings to those who share her love of this creative art. There is no doubt in my mind that more great stories are on the way.

Carol Montana
Editor, Sullivan County Democrat, The Catskill  Chronicle
Former Special Publications Editor, The Times Herald-Record

MJ Hanley-Goff puts her heart and soul into writing, and it shows. She’s an editor’s dream: a pleasure to work with and a joy to read. Her words have a way of taking us on journeys of reflection, emotion and imagination, and each time, I’ve loved the trip.

Fina Bruce
Health/special sections editor
The Times-Herald Record

MJ thinks creatively and uses that skill to keep her readers interested in the topic.

Terrie Goldstein, publisher
Hudson Valley Parent * HV Baby Guide
NY Parent Travel Guide * HV Kids

If you like direct, personable writing that makes the reader want to be engaged. MJ Goff is the writer for you!

Roanne Patterson, marketing advisor
Hudson Valley Parent magazine

While I want to write a recommendation that would tell people how incredible a writer MJ, is I constantly agonize over finding the right written words. MJ is just the opposite. She not only writes clearly what needs to be said, she is able to adapt to write whatever the situation calls for. I have watched MJ over the years get writing assignment for articles published in various newspaper and magazines, I have also seen her write for online articles, blogs, and provide social media presence. She has also attained the well-deserved status of being an editor of a printed and online magazine, and all I can say is when MJ is writing she is in her element, her zone, she knows her stuff.

Alicia D’Amico