Thanks for the memories

Blog, blog, blog.  When I hear that phrase, I just want to cringe.  It takes time to write an interesting and informative blog.  Plus, who truly has time to read all the blogs out there?  I think that twitter has the right idea.  Say what you gotta say, 140 characters or less.  Confucius probably would have been a good twitterer.  Gandhi, too.  Sometimes less is truly more.

But I digress.


I’m here today to blog about a memoir writing class I am just announcing.  It’s in November, and the reason I picked November is because that time of year, I am filled with memories of growing up in Brooklyn.  From November to March, we were truly in “family-holiday-birthday” mode.  There was Thanksgiving, then a birthday in December along with Christmas, then New Year’s, then a birthday in January, another in February, and a third in March.   And, then we had a big long break until a birthday in June, then another in July and another in August.  (But Kentucky Derby day was like a holy day of obligation, so I should include that May event)  So, with all those family parties, there was a lot of traditional baking, meal preparation, gift-giving, card buying, and then eating, and usually going to Mass.  A frenzy of family memories that come upon me as soon as the Halloween candy has been given out.

I think for many of us, Thanksgiving provides one of the most striking memories, whether you had a big turkey dinner at home, or travelled miles to family, or got take-out from a local restaurant.  We usually experienced sensory overload, shopping fatigue, overeating, and family times of some kind.  Whether or not we want to admit it, or enjoyed every single gathering, these experiences made us who we are.

OK, here is where I get to the theme of this blog: it’s to introduce the idea of writing your memoir.  And, don’t let the term “memoir” intimidate you.  It doesn’t mean a life story, it’s a simple memory written in as much detail as you can, from your perspective (and no one else’s).   It can be for your own satisfaction; to remember a passed family member; it can become a story that can be passed down to your kids; it can become an article for a magazine; or if you really get into it, it can become a book (or ebook).

memoir covers

I particularly love reading memoirs; plus, they’re being published more than ever before; many have become movies.  If you got a great story (and most of us have one), then write it down.

If you’d like to join my class coming up in November, then click here, and you will join a group of like-minded story-tellers.  And have a blast, and drink coffee.


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