Why we need books.

I noticed the other day that a kitchen drawer did not close all the way.  On further inspection, I discovered that piece of wood from the back was hanging down, preventing the drawer from closing fully.  Being the “do it herselfer” that I am, I retrieved a flashlight, removed the drawer and really gave the back of the drawer a good look-see.  Now this drawer was right above a cabinet, so, once the pots and pans were removed, I could really see that all I had to do was apply some hot glue, or Elmers on to the wood, and hold the part of the wood that was hanging down in the back until the glue dried.  (Stay with me, I’m getting to the books part.)

The problem was finding a pile of something tall enough to reach up and hold the wood in place.  Imagine a pile of books, of various thicknesses, and the right combination of thin and thick books and how perfect that would be in creating a very nice support for this piece of wood for, at least, 12 – 24 hours.  I have a book collection that worked perfectly, and it was very satisfying that something so ordinary as a collection of books, about 10 in all, would come in so handy in a do-it-yourself project.  While an eReader could hold upteenth books, it really would not suffice as such a support for a glue-project.  (It worked, by the way.)


Also, sometimes when a window doesn’t stay up, I slip a very thick Merriam-Webster dictionary in the space, and just like that (snapping my fingers),  another dilemma solved.

So, in addition to the wonderfulness of a real, live book, one that has a real book smell and requires more dexterity and motor skills to turn a page than just a swipe of a finger, I’ve just provided two additional reasons why one must have the real thing around the house.

I’m very excited about my December book events (click on for more information)

December 6 at Thrall Library, Middletown

December 8 at Chester Library, Chester for a “creative writing class”

December 10 for a Writing and Publishing Workshop, Monroe











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