You know that phrase, “S#i$ or get off the pot”?

balboahay houseYes, I am using a bit of profanity here, but look how nicely I typed it! A little number sign here, and a dollar sign there, and the word is now acceptable. The reason I used such a title is to express my “it’s about time” emotion to say that I’ve signed on with Balboa Press, a division of Hay House, to help me publish the book I’ve been discussing, like, for eons and eons. It started as a little idea this exact time last year, actually. I was listening to a teleseminar by Jack Canfield, author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul books, and he was talking about how we should write what we are an expert in. Now, there isn’t much out there that I can say I’m an expert in, but they say that if you’ve been doing something for at least twenty years, pretty steadily, and you still enjoy it, well then, maybe that’s something. For me, it was and will always be writing.


Plus, I started writing even longer than twenty years ago, for my own joy and therapy in the late 70’s, when I started going through what I call my “panic attack” phase. The journals I’d collected since then numbered in the thirties. Marble covered books, or spirals, the kind you get at the dollar store. They were simple, cheap, and didn’t shout “DIARY.” To anyone who spotted it, they probably thought it was an old school book. Pages and pages I’d write about whatever it was I was feeling, and I think the depths I descended to at that time probably helped as my writing career blossomed. I wanted to know the what’s, and the why’s and the when’s for everything.

When Jack said, “write what you feel you are an expert in,” I thought, I’m going to write a book about the joy of writing, but specifically about journal writing. The title came to me instantly, and from then on, the idea never left my mind. Over the next twelve months, I went to a writer’s conference to learn more about writing a successful book, took more seminars on making it a bestseller, learned how to create an ebook, and on and on. A year. And, after taking the time last May to complete it in a little cabin in the woods, I now know I have, have, have to get this finally down in published form.

Not only for me, and my desire to finally do it, but for the many who wrote to me with their own stories of journaling, and who write me still with their support. I also have to write it for those out there, maybe suffering through something, and have not really given journaling a try. All the many quotes and testimonials that have come my way will surely back up my claim, which is also the same title of the book which hasn’t changed since that July day back in 2012: “How writing can get you through tough times: no experience necessary.”

What I hope to do is write about my experiences from now until the book is in my hands. I just signed on with Balboa Press, was warmly welcomed into the Hay House family by Shelby, my rep for this great adventure. So, whether or not you’ve ever thought about writing a book and self-publishing it, or are interested to just watch from the sidelines, stay tuned! The fun is just beginning.

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